Thursday, August 25, 2005

Quick vacation

I'm off to CA this morning for a quick visit with Brad & Susan before the summer break ends. I hope to see a little of Lodi's wine community and lots of my kids face! See ya!

Friday, August 19, 2005

School countdown!

Although I never count days, I know the beginning is right around the corner. But I guess the list (All the things to be done before the kids leave and my free time is GONE!) is getting a little action. Michael's car repairs are done, Nick's are done I think! The carpets got cleaned and the rummage sale is half over. (Then I might have a garage!) I got my schedule for fall classes and began some curriculum work. My hair is dyed and I cleaned my car. Arrangements for returning the boys to college are made and I painted Bob's outer office. Now I just have to finish the other 782 things on the list and I'm ready to go! Help!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Isle Royal Camping with Grandpa

Yesterday while Maryellen and I were at a stamping party and luncheon my pocket rang. It was Michael, Nick and Bob from the top of a tower on Isle Royal where they are having a great time. The cell phone only works from the top of the tower I guess!This place must hold some mystery but I cannot appreciate it. They called to let me know they got there and things were fine. No Fed-Ex shipments of Grandpa's medications were necessary this year! It is Sunday am and they will already begin their journey back late tomorrow. Meanwhile, Grandma has been with Celia quite a bit but she and I will be together today until their early Tuesday return. We plan to visit with her friend, finish painting Bob's office and work on quilting/ knitting. Maybe we will cut the grass too. Fun!

Two great stories!

I have just finished the new Harry Potter book and found it to be great writing. I recently met an English professor at a local college who wrote the review and hosted an on-line chat a few weeks ago for this book. She described the" last 200 pages to be brilliant" and I agree. Read her review here:

I also took the lead from Susan's sister Rebecca's blog for another great book, The Kite Runner. If you want to borrow either I have them. Great reading! Now Rebecca or Carol...what's next?