Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Visiting Room Side of Life!

Last Thurs. my sister had foot surgery, two days ago my husband had a colonoscopy while my son's girlfriend's father had an emergency appendicitis, today my father-in-law is at the dr. probably having his gall bladder removed tomorrow or the next day!!! My son got his first bills from his kidney stone procedure today too! I want to stay on the visiting room side of life!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

School's Out for Summer!

It is day #5 of summer vacation. Let's see: clean closet under stairs, celebrate Sam's graduation, make food and scrapbook for Sam's graduation, take care of Grandma, make 5 batches of cookies to send to Nick, shop for and prepare food for Bob's hike with Grandpa, take 3 naps and browse through my Paris vacation book....not bad!

Today is not planned yet....maybe I'll clean up my desk and my "stuff" or maybe I'll just do housework...but I started a new book over the weekend????? so far, "Gone' is pretty interesting!

Father's day is next on the agenda!