Monday, August 28, 2006

Matisse the Hunter!

I found Matisse today just outside the back door with PREY in his mouth! I know ..euchhh! He must have snuck out again and successfully caught a ground squirrel. The problem is that he wanted to bring it in! So i went out and grbbed him. I shook him until he dropped the little guy ( who made a fast getaway!) and put him back in the confines of his natural house!

I'm prettty shook up by the whole experience...I might have to resort to a lemon drop shot to calm myself down! I have to wait though, cuz it's not noon yet!


Blogger Brad said...

thats awesome! did you resort to drinking? you should post a pic of matisse so everyone can see how viscious he looks

10:25 AM

Blogger Nick said...

I have a good shot of matisse looking ferocious... check it.

1:52 PM


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