Sunday, February 12, 2006

My first visit to a hot tub!

Just to let you know...there are no actual photos of the event!

A friend invited us over to use his hot tub....he was going to be gone and thought we might enjoy the relaxation. So we basically broke into his house and took our clothes off. Bob had taken the cover off and the steam from the 104 degree water was melting the lightly falling snow as it approached the water. I'm not sure how long we were in the tub...maybe an hour? We played with the jets and the buttons and kept an eye out for the neighbors. On the way home we picked up some Chinese food and I'd have to say that the next time i'm bringing my pj's. It was very warm and relaxing on a snowy night but I was ready for bed afterwards. It was like taking a sleeping pill.


Blogger gs said...

it is indeed very relaxing.whenever i visited my daughter's home in redwood city,i never missed the opportunity of jumping into their jacuzzi in the evenings.a cocktail glass in one hand,a book in the other and the body immersed in nice hot water.that is the way i like to unwind.

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