Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cell phones!!!!!!!

Honestly, what is wrong with people! Why do we think that our cell phone ringing constantly or even vibrating constantly is ok? In the lasst week, I have had 3 experiences with cells phone interrupting the activity at hand and I am pissed! Last week we went to the movies to see MUNICH. It was crowded and the little Indian guy next to me kept his phone on, first to ring so he could crawl over us to answer the call and then on vibrate to irritate all of us around him! Next I was giving finals in my Art Metals class and in 2 of the 3 classes someone's phone just kept vibrating. When it is quiet in a room and everyone is supposed to be focused, why do 17 year old girls think it's ok to keep their phone on vibrate? Lastly, I went to a stamping class where 3 of the 8 women thought it was important to have their phones go off CONSTANTLY! While it may be convenient for them to stay in constant contact with the outside world, do they have a clue how distracting and rude it is to the others around them? I have to admit that most of these annoyances have been by adults, so how can I expect young people to understand the appropriateness of this tool?


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Blogger gs said...

i am 62 and read about your blog when i did a google search.i liked it and therefore i have taken the liberty of commenting.cellphone is a terrific asset to never know when it can save your life or someone else's life.i have had some phenomenal expereinces with the cell phone.but the key thing is that you are the master and not vice versa.cell phone protocol must be maintained by all.old and young alike.

6:20 PM

Blogger grafficsgirl said...

Wow Locki - I am impressed that you have a blog! I've been wanting to do this for ages......
Now - I'm stilling here realizing that I have no idea if you'll even get this -- I had a user name - no clue what it is.

I'll try this again if it doesn't seem to work.

I googled you - wanted to see how you are doing - I found Bradleys Blog, and eventually found you through his. After I saw the photos on his blog I knew I had the right family.

Hoping to connect and keep in touch via email for certain.

Has Steve sent you any photos of our grandkids? We have 2 - Martin, age 3, and Hayden who just turned two in January - and then we have another little bundle arriving in CA any week now. Andy & Shawnee are expecting their 3rd!

I can't wait to visit them again....

Hope to hear back from you - lots of catching up to do.....
I cannot beleive how handsome your boys are. You're so lucky to have had them all home for Christmas. Our Christmases are really weird. This year Anna and I went to the movies. No real Christmas -- but next year I hope to be out in CA and then Christmas with Andy, Anna, Shawnee and the kids will be so great! I'll be in my element once I'm there. I'll be moving there some time late this year. I'm so looking forward to it!

Must go. I have homework to do.
Will talk more later - I hope.
Mary -

4:39 PM


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