Sunday, April 03, 2005

Home form Paris

The last 11 days have been so exciting and exhausting. I love Paris! I love that the city is alive with people who live their lives right there in the shadow of all the history there. I'm up at 4 am seemingly unable to go back to sleep. I hope my body figures out what time it is soon.
I think the worst event on the trip was not knowing that Bordeaux was "closed" for the Easter holiday both Sunday and Monday. So we saw wineries from the road.
The best ...everything else! Lascaux was practically spiritual and Giverney (Monet"s garden) was like walking into a monent frozen in time. The Eiffel tower at midnight was very romantic, the patisseries were out of this world, the hotels were charming and the monuments are everywhere!
Being "let's see it all" kind of tourists we toured and walked and metroed (is that a word?) everywhere. We drank wine and cafe au lait at the corner cafes and on the tour bus! We visited Rue Cler for delicious pastries and wonderful apples every chance we could. We walked on the beach in Arcachan and picniced at the Eiffel tower. I have to figure out how to include pictures on this posting.


Blogger Brad said...

welcome home!

i can't wait to hear more stories and see some of the 1500 pictures dad says he took...

10:42 AM

Blogger kitten walker said...

the trip sounds amazing. i too would love to see some pictures!

7:39 AM


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